The Naked Archaeologist

65 x 30 minutes • Documentary Series • Produced in association with: Vision TV and History International • Production year: 2010


The archaeology is naked. The archaeologist is clothed.

Unafraid to take on widely held beliefs, our intrepid archaeological detective wrestles ancient rocks, challenges experts, debates with unsuspecting passers-by, climbs mountains and jumps fences to get to the truth.

With the Bible as the starting point, once again THE NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST treks the ancient shores of the Mediterranean where Delilah seduced Samson; investigates the latest forensic evidence of King Herod’s gruesome death; traces the real footsteps of Jesus’ last hours; examines the bones of a crucified man; and discovers that the first known alphabetic writing is a desperate call to God to “deliver us from this hell!”

All along, THE NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST plays Jack-the-Giant-Killer in his quest to get past the jargon, right to the bare bones and great stories of archaeology.

This 65 X 1/2 hour television series is shot in the cradle of Western civilization - in the area where today we find modern-day Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Each archaeological mystery is explored on site, and Biblical and historical stories are illustrated through a playful use of on-location photography, archival footage, and digital animation.

THE NAKED ARCHAEOLOGIST is an accessible history/science/archaeology series for those who want adventure without ever having to leave the couch.

Writers and Directors: Simcha Jacobovici, Graeme Ball, Markham Cook, Christopher Behnisch, Kim Harris, Leslie Fruman, Andy Bely, Karen Dougherty, Victor Kushmaniuk, Concetta Principe, Bruce Thorson, Eric Gold, Scott Blackett, Alon Kol, Eric Weinthal and Gary Lang

Executive Producers: Simcha Jacobovici, Felix Golubev
Series Producer: Leslie Fruman
Supervising Producer: Betty Orr

Award highlights:

  • HUGO TV Awards, Certificate of Merit Special Achievement: Concept
  • Special Jury Prize, 8th Annual Archaeological Film Festival, Brussels
  • Nomination, Most Innovative Program, History Makers Awards
  • Nomination, Gemini Award for Best Host
  • Nomination, Gemini Award for Best Visual Research
  • Gold Worldmedal, New York Festivals
  • Silver Plaque, Chicago International Television Awards
  • Nomination, Golden Sheaf Award, Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival