Atlantis Rising

94 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: National Geographic Channel & Discovery Canada • Production year: 2016

Was the lost city of “Atlantis" a real place? And if it was, can its ruins be found today? “Atlantis Rising” is Discovery Canada’s latest investigative, high end special into the world of ancient history and archaeology. Directed by three time-Emmy winning filmmaker, Simcha Jacobovici, this is his third collaboration with celebrated Oscar winning producer/director James Cameron. Using the Greek philosopher Plato (4th century BC) as a guide…a virtual treasure map…they set out to identify “Atlantean” civilization while closing in on the lost city itself. The adventure ranges from Santorini, Malta, Sardinia and Southern Spain, all the way to the Azores. Shot on 4K and using drones at every location, “Atlantis Rising” is breathtaking and unique: investigative archaeology at its best.